What is HelloWorks?

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Did you hear the news? We just added a brand new product to our platform!

HelloWorks joins our platform as the third product in the HelloSign family. HelloFax eliminated the need for fax machines. HelloSign empowered companies to do paperless business using our app or our API. HelloWorks now gives companies the power to radically simplify even the most complex workflows.

It does so by taking any series of documents or forms, stitching them together with code, and then converting everything into a single, intelligent workflow. Dozens of pages of documents or PDFs can now be condensed to a few relevant fields.

Like so:

The end result is an intricate dance of data on the back end, and a simple and easy experience for the user.

Read on to learn all about this new way to work!

HelloWorks Is Built to Solve the “Paperwork Problem”

Imagine you’re sitting in a doctor’s office filling out a standard packet of three medical documents:

  • A “New Patient” form
  • An “Insurance” form
  • A “Medical History” form

Each requires you to fill out your name, your address, and your telephone number. You’re also asked to read through each and every text field, even though many don’t relate to your health conditions.

Once finished, the receptionist takes your forms and manually enters the data you just filled out into the office’s database. He also scans the forms so the office has PDF copies on file.

The entire process takes upwards of twenty minutes.

Not only are you required to complete a ton of paperwork (much of it repetitive), the doctor’s office staff is required to handle a ton of paperwork (much of it repetitive).

The result is a poor experience for the patient, a poor experience for the medical office, and an ineffective way to collect and store data for future use.

It’s inefficient workflows like this that showcase why we built HelloWorks.

HelloWorks Transforms Workflows

Let’s rethink the scene above with HelloWorks in the picture.

Imagine now that you’re sitting in front of your computer, presented with a series of text fields. The first three ask for your name, your address, and your telephone number. Once entered, you aren’t asked for this information again for the remainder of the experience.

You keep scrolling and see a question asking whether you smoke. You select “No.” All fields that relate to smoking issues are automatically removed from the flow.

It’s becomes increasingly obvious that this workflow was built to adapt to your answers. In fact, this workflow wants you to succeed (and move you through the flow quickly, at that).

You complete the twenty relevant fields in a matter of minutes.

Behind the scenes, each tidbit of info automatically flows into the medical office’s database. They now have it easily accessible whenever they should need it.

All the new information is also automatically mapped to relevant fields on each medical document. The three newly completed documents are stored as PDFs for the medical office’s record keeping.

There’s no need for repetitive data entry. No need to sort through irrelevant fields. And all information entered flows directly in a database, to be dispersed to the right person and place as needed.

It’s quite a different experience for both sides, isn’t it? This is what HelloWorks can do for companies and their customers.

Benefits of HelloWorks

There are countless benefits to using HelloWorks, both for the company using the service and their customers on the other side.

Here are just a few:

  • Unlock your data from static PDFs
    User-generated data is no longer locked into a PDF file. Instead it’s funneled directly into a company’s database for future use.
  • Exceptional user experience
    Great UX is something that’s thrown around a lot nowadays. Believe us when we say we don’t take the phrasing “Exceptional” lightly. Your customer won’t struggle navigating PDFs, instead enjoying an abbreviated and guided experience.
  • Increased completion on mobile devices
    Can you imagine reading, filling out, and signing a 75-page mortgage agreement on your phone? Neither could we. Some documents used to be too much to handle on mobile devices. HelloWorks solves this. Users are presented with a series of easy to read and fill out fields rather than a huge PDF file. The final flow is mobile-optimized, making it easy to complete on any device. You can also exit the flow and pick up where you left off on a different device.
  • Repetitive data entry is effectively eliminated
    Information entered into one field maps to all other relevant fields. People no longer need to enter in the same information twice. This cuts down on redundant work, increases time to completion, and improves completion rates in general.
  • You can build in public APIs
    You can supplement HelloWorks with any public API. For example, if you’d like addresses to automatically populate based on a user’s entry, you can integrate the Google Maps API.

Where to Use HelloWorks

The most exciting thing about HelloWorks is that it works for any (and we mean any) combination of documents. This opens the door to intelligent workflows in every industry, company, and platform.

Some prime examples include:

  • HR documents (NDA, W-9, Employee Handbook, etc)
  • Leasing documents (Rental Contract, Co-Signer Form, Verification of Rental Insurance, etc.)
  • Tax forms (W-2, W-9, 1040)
  • Medical paperwork (Proof of Insurance, Medical History, New Patient Form)

Getting Started With HelloWorks

Are you interested in creating a totally seamless and intelligent workflow? We’re interested in working with you!

Visit the HelloWorks page to learn more about what you can do with our latest solution.