eSign Using HelloSign for Google Docs

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Our HelloSign for Google Docs add-on lets you do more where you’re already working. You can electronically sign any document (or send it to someone else to sign) right in Google Docs. We designed the HelloSign for Google Docs Add-on to create a seamless esigning experience and minimize the need for uploads, downloads, sign-ins, and open tabs.

Sign a Google Doc with the HelloSign for Google Docs Add-on

To get started, open the Google Doc you’d like to sign. Click on add-ons and search for HelloSign in the add-on store. Once you get the HelloSign add-on, you can always find it  anytime you need it under “Add-ons” at the top of your Google Docs screen.

HelloSign add-on

Click “Just Me,” and you’ll be prompted to draw your signature with your mouse and save it.

HelloSign Just Me

Then, drag your signature wherever it needs to go and click “E-mail as PDF” to send it out to a recipient.

signed doc

Request Someone Else’s Signature With the HelloSign for Google Docs Add-on

To request someone else’s signature on a Google Doc, open HelloSign for Google Docs by going to Add-ons > HelloSign. Select either “Just Others” or “Me and Others” from the sidebar on the right, depending on whether you need to sign the document as well or not. Enter the name and e-mail of the other signer(s).

just others

Now, click on the signature, text, check, or date box – everything applicable – and place the boxes wherever you want the signer to fill them in. Click “Continue” to send the document out. You’ll receive notification via e-mail when the document has been signed and returned to you.


Easy as that! Once you’ve connected the HelloSign Google Doc add-on, you’ll have the ability to esign documents quickly and seamlessly from your Google Drive account.

Want to learn more about how you can use HelloSign to optimize your document signing flow? Schedule a demo!