HelloSign for Enterprise: Powerful Features, Easy to Use

Each day at HelloSign we focus on building great products that help people do great work. We want everyone – from an independent business to a global Enterprise empire – to enjoy the benefits of seamless signing and frictionless agreements.

One reason we’re able to happily serve such a wide audience is that we never compromise on great user experience, especially when it comes to our Enterprise customers. We think too many Enterprise products are stuffed with overly complicated processes and feature bloat. The result is expensive workflow bottlenecks, not to mention frustrated employees and teams. That’s no way to work.

HelloSign for Enterprise

We believe Enterprise software shouldn’t be difficult to use, and we’re intent on creating user-friendly and powerful solutions for our largest customers.

HelloSign’s Enterprise customers enjoy access to robust features required to do business, without having having to endure clunkiness that often comes standard with Enterprise software. It’s like having your cake and eating it, too!


HelloSign Raises $16 Million to Fuel Enterprise Growth

I’m excited to announce our $16m Series B, being led by Foundry Group and Zach Coelius! We’re also honored to have US Venture Partners, Greylock Partners, Keith Rabois, Joshua Reeves, Paul Buchheit, and Webb Investment Network reinvesting in HelloSign this round.

We started HelloSign to solve our own pain points. We’d be in a cafe, at home, or on a train, and it was always painful to sign a document, fill out a PDF, or fax something. It’d take a long trip to a copy store and we’d put off important administrative tasks for weeks.

Turns out almost everyone in the world has this problem. Using tons of customer conversations, we created:

  • HelloSign – easy online document signing, built for business
  • HelloSign API – fastest, most customizable eSignature API
  • HelloWorks – intelligent workflow solution
  • HelloFax – easy online faxing

Since those early days, we’ve welcomed millions of users and over 50,000 paid customers, we’re cashflow positive, and we’re ready to put our foot on the gas pedal.


KinHR is Using HelloSign to Build a Better Workplace

It’s not everyday you run across a company with heart and smarts like KinHR. This HR platform’s makes small companies better places to work by improving their operations, transparency and quality of employee experience.

KinHR recently released their HelloSign API integration “fundamentally changing the way people use the KinHR platform to hire.”

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Gun.io Uses HelloSign for Every Dollar of Revenue (and More!)

Gun.io is an international network and marketplace for technical freelance professionals. They connect qualified tech experts with companies that need them most.

“We help any person — from an owner of a SaaS startup, to an executive at a larger company — easily spin up and work with a fully managed virtual engineering team.”

Gun.io uses HelloSign to ensure everything operates flawlessly on the admin side. It’s proven instrumental in helping the company create a successful (and lucrative) hiring experience for both client and freelancers. Gun.io shared: “We use HelloSign for every single dollar of revenue and much, much more.”

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5 Things You Need to Know When Moving to a CMS

Imagine finding an inaccurate phrase or incorrect link on your webpage and not being able to fix it right away. It’d drive you nuts, right? Visitors to your page might be exposed to the error which could negatively affect their experience, too. This was exactly the challenge we faced at HelloSign as recently as a few months ago.

Our marketing website was owned by product, so any marketing needs were tied to engineering and had to go through the formal request process. This meant that making even small edits was a slow process and frustrating for everyone involved. It was a challenge that needed solving. The first big step was choosing the CMS (content management system), and after some shopping around we chose Webflow as our provider.

Seeing as it was our very first time making the transition, we hit up Google search for some good advice.

Unfortunately, we didn’t find a lot of great information. That’s why – after successfully transitioning to a CMS – we wanted to share some of the most important things we learned. We’re a startup making big changes, and there are plenty others like us out there.

We hope you find it helpful!