6 Ways to Make Paperwork Painless With HelloSign


Let’s not beat around the bush – paperwork is a pain in the butt.

And even though many companies have already eliminated printing and scanning by digitizing their document flows, there are still plenty of companies and industries that feel stuck in old, papered systems.

There’s a better way!

Below you’ll find six different ways to make paperwork painless within your office, team, department, or company. These tips are perfect for any industry that’s ready to break free from the burden of paper.

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WorkRamp Uses HelloSign to Support Their Teams, Their Clients, and Their ARR

HelloSign’s online signing fits into every corner of a company’s landscape, whether that be in an HR department, on a Sales team, or with a contracted legal team. No company demonstrates this better than WorkRamp, an enterprise training platform.

WorkRamp uses HelloSign to complete several types of business-critical agreement flows, saving precious resources across the entire company.

We spoke with Ted Blosser, WorkRamp’s Head of Sales and Customer Success, to get the scoop.

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Automate Your Tax Form Workflows Online


Get ready for a fear-inducing thought: Tax time is never more than 365 days away.

Wait, don’t go! That’s no reason to be alarmed. HelloSign is here to help make it easy to prepare and complete tax documents online with ease at any point in the year.

With HelloSign’s easy-to-implement API, you’ll have the power to effortlessly disperse tax paperwork across departments, autofill information into relevant documents, and store all records of your tax paperwork securely.