Webinar Recap: The Rise of Workflow and Content Automation (WCA)

Workflow Content Automation (WCA) is fast and furiously emerging as a leader in Digital Enterprise. Unlike its predecessors – Digital Transaction Management (DTM) and Business Process Management (BPM) – WCA creates a fully integrated solution for internal and external business processes.

HelloSign’s Whitney Bouck recently sat down with Aragon founder Jim Lundy to talk insights and highlights of WCA, and what steps businesses should take now to thrive in the future.


SAML SSO at HelloSign

It’s an unfortunate reality that security and user experience are often competing priorities. Or, put another way, what makes our data safer usually has the unwelcome side-effect of adding complexity and overhead. However there are rare and welcome occasions in which these two interests align and the end result is a clear win all the way around. Offering support for SAML SSO has emerged as one such example where HelloSign’s Enterprise customers can now improve security and ease-of-use for their team members.

But let’s take a step back for the uninitiated – what exactly is SAML SSO and why is it so powerful?


We Drank Our Own Champagne (and Raised 16M While We Were At It!)

It seems everyone involved in technology has heard the phrase “Eating your own dog food.” Yuck. I have a dog and we buy her top quality dog food, but I have no desire to share in her meals. That said, the concept of the phrase is very powerful: believe in your own products enough to use them yourselves. By doing that, you can test and improve your products before giving them to customers, and be your own example of how to use the product best.

Given my foodie tendencies, I long ago started using the phrase “drinking our own champagne” as a more palatable version of the same concept. It’s a phrase you’ll hear me use a lot inside HelloSign.

As a COO I sign more documents than you might think – vendor contracts, customer sales agreements, non-disclosure agreements, statements of work, Business Associate Agreements, building leases, and more. It’s a proud moment when I can use the product we sell to our customers every day… and it’s even better knowing those moments move our business forward.


HelloSign Lands in Leader Category on the G2 Crowd eSignature Grid

Today we’re delighted to share that HelloSign landed in the Leader category of the Summer 2017 E-Signature Grid Report on G2 Crowd. G2 crowd is the world’s leading software review platform making it an extra special win.

HelloSign also took the prize for the highest user satisfaction score out of 19 other eSignature providers, including DocuSign. According to the report, HelloSign earned a 90% Net Promoter Score – the highest of any provider in the leader category.


ZeroCater Makes Employee Onboarding Fast and Snappy With HelloSign

No matter the industry, the location, or size – there’s one thing every company has in common: employees eat. No company knows this better than ZeroCater, a corporate catering platform currently serving 6 markets nationwide. ZeroCater partners with local restaurants, food trucks, and caterers to deliver quality food to high growth startups and Enterprise corporations.

ZeroCater also uses HelloSign to power the logistics behind hiring a great team – and benefits from an onboarding flow that’s often completed in less than a full day.

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