Instacart Accelerates Contractor Application Completion by 270% with HelloWorks

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Instacart – a popular on-demand grocery marketplace – uses HelloWorks to power their intelligent and mobile-first contractor onboarding workflow.

Following the implementation of HelloWorks into the workflow, Instacart saw median contract completion accelerate by 270% compared to those who were onboarded during the prior, manual process.

Read on to learn how they harnessed HelloWorks to make it happen!

Instacart Needed a Predictable and Adaptive Onboarding Flow

At any given time, Instacart contracts over ten thousand “Personal Shoppers” to handle the shopping, packing, and delivery of groceries to Instacart’s customers. Prior to HelloWorks, newcomers signed up for open contractor positions using an online portal on Instacart’s website.

While the user experience was better than average, the end-to-end workflow was long and – at times – laborious.

From Instacart:

“Under the old system, there was considerable friction in the sign-up and onboarding process. We were losing qualified service providers before they’d even shopped their first order. Something had to change.”

Instacart also discovered that many applicants were attempting to complete the workflow from a phone or a mobile device, a difficult task when dealing with PDFs. High levels of frustration for applicants often led to early drop-off.

“Previously, only 37% of the applicants were able to complete their paperwork in under an hour. We needed a solution that would not only prevent qualified shoppers from dropping out of the onboarding process but one that also would improve our own efficiency at processing the paperwork.”

HelloWorks Enters the Picture

Instacart already used HelloSign’s API to digitize onboarding documents that previously required printing and scanning. Though Instacart was happy with the upgrade to paperless onboarding, they wanted an even more automated approach. They found it in HelloWorks.

“Bringing paperwork in-app through HelloWorks was a critical part of a large multi-team project that allowed Instacart to onboard shoppers without constant manual involvement.”

HelloWorks automatically funneled data to the right spots, eliminated redundant data entry, was adaptive to mobile devices, and treated the onboarding process as a holistic workflow rather than a series of independent documents. What was once complicated drudgery was transformed into a smooth and sleek experience.

How Instacart Uses HelloWorks

Every time a contractor begins the application process at Instacart, they must complete several standard documents, including an independent contractor agreement, shopper privacy policy, and tax forms.

With HelloWorks, applicants are presented with easy-to-navigate screens and intelligent fields to complete the document workflow. Once information is entered into one field (for example “Name”), the information is automatically mapped across all other relevant locations. It’s intelligent onboarding at its best.

The entire workflow is completed within the Instacart app:

The Positive Results

HelloWorks was a critical part of a number of app and system changes for Instacart, resulting in a dramatic increase in conversion rate. With HelloWorks, threefold the number of people who started the signup process ended up shopping on the Instacart platform.

“HelloWorks has allowed Instacart to create a seamless onboarding experience for our shoppers. All of the steps that a shopper needs to get started are now housed entirely in the app, which we couldn’t have accomplished without the HelloWorks solution.”

Other benefits of Instacart’s HelloWorks integration:

  • Error reduction saves Instacart’s team more than 50 hours per week. Validation rules are in place for the rest of the fields in order to catch and prevent common errors. Typos and incorrectly formatted information was originally a huge challenge for Instacart. “Under the legacy system, processing paperwork took our team at least 3-5 minutes per shopper. With the high volume of shoppers Instacart was onboarding, HelloWorks was able to save the Instacart team more than 50 hours per week.”
  • Data is immediately usable instead of trapped in a PDF. Much of the information is pre-filled using merge fields. Applicants have fields like name and address automatically filled in, saving them yet another step (and preventing friction that previously caused applicant drop-off). Data entered immediately flows into the Instacart database rather than getting locked in the completed PDF.
  • Mobile optimization helps keep completion rates high. The entire experience is responsive, so it fits the user’s device nicely. This is a particularly important improvement as the majority of applicants use their mobile device to complete the flow.

What’s Next for Instacart

Always evolving, Instacart has big plans in store for the future.

“As a result of our collaboration with HelloWorks, Instacart’s shopper onboarding process is now substantially more efficient, a huge boon in the company’s efforts to reach 80% of the US households by the end of 2018.”

Be sure to visit Instacart’s website to keep up with their progress. Tell them we say “Hello!”

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