It’s National eSign Day! Celebrate With a Free Copy of HelloSign Cheat Sheet: eSignatures 101

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June 30th marks the 15th anniversary of The ESIGN Act. To celebrate the recognition of eSignatures nationwide, we’re pleased to announce our newest eBook: HelloSign Cheat Sheet: eSignatures 101.

Given that the average office worker still uses the equivalent of six 40-ft trees, paper signing continues to be a huge challenge to efficiency in the office.

But beyond reducing paper waste, eSignatures have the proven benefits of shrinking paperwork cycles, recouping productivity, and decreasing overhead.

This 16-page eBook will help you lock down a foundational understanding of eSignatures and give you the knowledge needed to get buy-in from key stakeholders in your company or business.

Inside this eBook you’ll find…

  • What makes an eSignature legal
  • What constitutes a secure eSignature
  • Common workflows for eSignatures
  • Plus more eSignature goodness

Click below for your free copy!Esignday_CTA_ebook_CheatSheet_esignatures_101 (1)Already a pro user of HelloSign? Level up by making eSignatures a part of your company’s DNA. Click here to learn how you can use the HelloSign API to build the functionality of eSignatures directly into your existing website.