HelloSign Now Integrated With Google Apps

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We at HelloSign are proud to announce that our seamless Google Apps integration is here! Now it’s even easier for your entire company to use our legally binding, electronic signature service.

If your organization already uses Google Apps, you undoubtedly know how convenient it is to have a “suite of applications” all in one place for your whole team: e-mail with your company’s domain, shared items like calendars, as well as sharable documents and spreadsheets all updated in real time, all stored in the cloud.

Now you can add HelloSign’s electronic signature service to your Google Apps toolkit. With HelloSign, you can request a signature, sign a document, and save your company’s HR forms, NDAs, and contracts all in one central location, without the paper.

 With one click you can:

  • Instantly create a HelloSign account for everyone on your team

  • Add, remove, upgrade, or downgrade users

  • Send documents that need to be signed across the organization

  • Create and save templates to be used for future signature requests

  • Store and organize your company’s signed forms

  • View and track your company’s documents

HelloSign is currently featured in the Google Apps Marketplace as a “Top New App” and a “Top Install.” To get started, go to our Google Apps Marketplace Profile and install the app. Give it a test drive, and leave us a review to tell us what you think.