Signer Reassignment Removes Frustrating Roadblocks

Imagine this: You’ve been in contact with a customer or prospect for months. You’ve done your best selling, created many quotes, and are ready to close the deal.

You get the final contract ready to sign and everything is ready to send out. You request the signature – certain that you’re about to close the loop – but your contact alerts you that they cannot sign the agreement. It’s their boss who has to sign the agreement instead.

This is a case everyone in sales has experienced at least once in their career and it can be incredibly frustrating.

It’s the exact challenge that inspired our new featured called “signer reassignment.”


What’s an API? (And Why Does It Matter?)

To a developer, “What’s an API?” might be a straightforward – if not exactly simple – question. But to anyone who doesn’t have experience with code, APIs can come across as confusing or downright intimidating.

In this post we’ll cover the basic definition of an API, look at how APIs are liberating companies, and go over practical applications of APIs.


What’s New With HelloSign & Zapier?

One of the best things about working for an HelloSign is that we get to help thousands of business around the world operate more efficiently. We’ve heard time and time again companies using HelloSign have improved their document completion rates, reduced overhead, and in many cases achieved higher revenue returns using our API.

But what if you don’t have the developer resources to build a custom API integration, or maybe just want something that’s simple but still as efficient and streamlined as possible?


6 Ways to Make Paperwork Painless With HelloSign


Let’s not beat around the bush – paperwork is a pain in the butt.

And even though many companies have already eliminated printing and scanning by digitizing their document flows, there are still plenty of companies and industries that feel stuck in old, papered systems.

There’s a better way!

Below you’ll find six different ways to make paperwork painless within your office, team, department, or company. These tips are perfect for any industry that’s ready to break free from the burden of paper.

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