Automate Your Tax Form Workflows Online


Get ready for a fear-inducing thought: Tax time is never more than 365 days away.

Wait, don’t go! That’s no reason to be alarmed. HelloSign is here to help make it easy to prepare and complete tax documents online with ease at any point in the year.

With HelloSign’s easy-to-implement API, you’ll have the power to effortlessly disperse tax paperwork across departments, autofill information into relevant documents, and store all records of your tax paperwork securely.


Onboarding Employees Online Using HelloSign


Having a great onboarding program is one of the best things you can do for your company. iCIMS reports that a strong onboarding program can reduce employee turnover from 44% to 14%, while improving new hire time-to-productivity by approximately ⅓. Talk about time and money saved!

One way to improve onboarding is to make the administrative portion of onboarding as simple as possible. Luckily it’s easy to do when you take employee onboarding paperwork online.


What Do Embedded Templates Look Like?


Last week we showed you what HelloSign’s embedded requesting looks like. Now it’s time to take a closer look at HelloSign’s embedded templates.

Embedded templates are a HelloSign API feature. Adding embedded templates to your integration allow your users or customers to create their very own document templates right on your website, application, or workflow.

Embedded templates can easily be included in most HelloSign integrations. As a reminder, every HelloSign API integration is customizable to fit your needs. We’ll work with you to create the best workflow possible!

Below we’ll share a few common use cases for embedded templates and go over some of the benefits of this great addition.

Read on to learn more!


Keep Your Teams in the Loop With These HelloSign Features


We don’t subscribe to every catchy slogan, but “teamwork makes the dream work” is one we can stand behind. There’s nothing more important than collaborating and communicating effectively within teams.

Below you’ll find our favorite tips and tricks for using HelloSign to keep your team in the loop.



5 Ways to Automate Paperwork With HelloSign


HelloSign helps companies get their business-critical workflows completed quickly and reliably. The value of that shows itself in all shapes and forms. If you can imagine a paperwork flow, you can be sure HelloSign can make it easier!

To get your brain turning on all ways you can automate online document flows at your company, we’ve listed a few ideas below (including examples). Be sure to read through each section. You might find yourself surprised by the areas that can benefit from eSignatures!