HelloSign for Enterprise: Powerful Features, Easy to Use

Each day at HelloSign we focus on building great products that help people do great work. We want everyone – from an independent business to a global Enterprise empire – to enjoy the benefits of seamless signing and frictionless agreements.

One reason we’re able to happily serve such a wide audience is that we never compromise on great user experience, especially when it comes to our Enterprise customers. We think too many Enterprise products are stuffed with overly complicated processes and feature bloat. The result is expensive workflow bottlenecks, not to mention frustrated employees and teams. That’s no way to work.

HelloSign for Enterprise

We believe Enterprise software shouldn’t be difficult to use, and we’re intent on creating user-friendly and powerful solutions for our largest customers.

HelloSign’s Enterprise customers enjoy access to robust features required to do business, without having having to endure clunkiness that often comes standard with Enterprise software. It’s like having your cake and eating it, too!


3 Ways to Use HelloWorks (Out of About a Million)



Even in this day and age, there are still major challenges with online document workflows.

Companies rely on PDFs that lock data away. The UX for filling out documents online is often incompatible with mobile. And there’s a never ending need for repetitive data entry, from both customers and companies.

Obstacles like these aren’t only frustrating, they have negative business impact. Low completion rates for important documents and high remediation costs for companies, for example.

Our latest solution, HelloWorks solves costly and inefficient workflows. It’s a mobile-friendly and intelligent solution for document workflows.

The best part is that HelloWorks can be used for any series of documents!

Let’s take a look at three different examples to show you the versatility of the solution.

1. HelloWorks for HR Workflows


Announcing HelloWorks: Intelligent Document Workflows

We’re absolutely thrilled to introduce the newest member of the HelloSign family.

World, meet HelloWorks.

HelloWorks is our answer to complicated workflows and inefficient data collection. HelloWorks takes any series of documents, stitches them together with code, and transforms everything into a single, intelligent flow.

Hundreds of document pages or PDFs can now be distilled into a short series of smart data fields:

Companies now have a better, faster, and smarter way to orchestrate complex workflows and gather data. And their customers enjoy a delightfully easy-to-navigate document workflow.

Read on to learn more!


What We Learned After Launching Our New Signer Experience


Hint: user feedback shapes a great product.

Just last November, we launched a brand new signer experience at HelloSign. Our goal with the new version was to make signing simple and delightful across all devices.

Since the release, hundreds of thousands of signers have completed their documents using the updated version and it’s time we share some of our findings. After all, we made these changes for you!


Stop Copying HelloSign: An Open Letter to DocuSign CEO, Keith Krach

DocuSign Copies HelloSign User Interface

Dear Mr. Krach,

On November 20th, I saw that DocuSign blatantly copied HelloSign’s interface.

We published a blog post about it and Fast Company called you out as well in an article titled, “$230 Million Still Can’t Buy A Startup Original Design?

Three weeks later, you are still using our designs in what you call an A/B test. This means that it wasn’t some aberrant product manager or designer who snuck in a copy of our interface.

This tells us that DocuSign endorses copying as a legitimate business practice. By not changing your interface, DocuSign has demonstrated that this is willful and deliberate.

While you were spending time copying our interface, you were also busy suing SkySlope for allegedly imitating a single icon of yours. How do you reconcile this?

We could approach this like you are with SkySlope, but we’d rather make it a conversation and explain why you should stop:

  1. Copying hurts innovation and the tech world as a whole.
    UI copying is becoming a dangerous trend and one that inhibits doing anything bold. By copying we risk premature consensus – in a space that’s not fully developed, there’s still plenty of room for new ideas. Yet, instead of innovation being driven by a company that raised $230 million dollars, it’s being driven by us, a company a fraction of your size, with a fraction of your funding.
  2. Copying is bad for customers.
    Instead of having product diversity, there’s homogeny. As honored as we are that it’s homogenizing around our lead, the customers are missing out on the benefits of differentiation. This may appear to be a step forward for the DocuSign UI, but it’s a lateral move for the eSignature industry.
  3. Copying is unethical.
    This is unethical and plain wrong. You feel so yourself. Why else would you take legal action against SkySlope?

In the event that innovation is important to you, we thought it was worth starting a conversation. Mr. Krach, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

In the meantime, stop copying HelloSign. You have an empire of qualified designers, your own user experience lab and a couple hundred million dollars at your disposal – use these assets to innovate instead of copying us.


Joseph Walla, CEO HelloSign




Stand up for innovation by joining the conversation on Twitter.

3 weeks later @DocuSign is still copying @HelloSign’s interface. An Open Letter to DocuSign CEO: http://bit.ly/1A5MY6m #ChooseInnovation


I also invite anyone interested in seeing the design of our product firsthand to set up a time to see the product in realtime. We’re excited to simplify the signing process with our end user product and to support signature integration and embedded signing with our HelloSign API.