5 Things You Need to Know When Moving to a CMS

Imagine finding an inaccurate phrase or incorrect link on your webpage and not being able to fix it right away. It’d drive you nuts, right? Visitors to your page might be exposed to the error which could negatively affect their experience, too. This was exactly the challenge we faced at HelloSign as recently as a few months ago.

Our marketing website was owned by product, so any marketing needs were tied to engineering and had to go through the formal request process. This meant that making even small edits was a slow process and frustrating for everyone involved. It was a challenge that needed solving. The first big step was choosing the CMS (content management system), and after some shopping around we chose Webflow as our provider.

Seeing as it was our very first time making the transition, we hit up Google search for some good advice.

Unfortunately, we didn’t find a lot of great information. That’s why – after successfully transitioning to a CMS – we wanted to share some of the most important things we learned. We’re a startup making big changes, and there are plenty others like us out there.

We hope you find it helpful!


How To Hire Your First Customer Success Manager


We love sharing insight about how we cultivate the HelloSign team. This latest HelloSign post is from our VP of Customer Operations, Maranda Dziekonski, sharing her strategy for growing a customer success dream team.

The post was originally published on the Get Amity Blog.

Take it away Maranda!


The Startup Circle of Life: Team, Customers, Revenue



The image above sums up how I think of everything at HelloSign. If you want a snapshot of what’s going on in my head, it’s an image of a circle with three different pieces: customers, revenue, and team. This is how we will build a significant company.

We rolled this idea out about a year ago. I realized as we grew from 10-20 and 20-30, not everyone was on the same page. I started getting questions like:

  • Are our customers still a priority?
  • Why are we talking about customers so much? We really should be driving revenue.
  • Are we just focused on revenue?

When I’d hear about revenue not being a priority, I’d talk about the importance of revenue at a weekly meeting or mention it more in meetings. When I’d hear about our customers not being a priority, I’d do a presentation on that. It was like communication whack a mole!

I finally realized what I was missing. I needed to tie these separate elements together into one message. I started calling it –

The Circle of Life!


How We Use HelloSign at HelloSign


One of the most fulfilling parts about working at HelloSign is that each and every day we get to build something that helps people accomplish great things. We’re dedicated to making our users awesome and we love seeing people sign possibilities into realities. But something you may not know about the HelloSign team is that we also happen to be avid users of our own product.

To celebrate National eSign Day – the historic day that made eSignatures legal in the US – we thought it’d be fun to share how HelloSign employees are using HelloSign out in the wild.

– The HelloSign Team

We Asked HelloSign Employees: “How Have You HelloSign-ed?” Here’s What They Had to Say!