New Feature: Two-Factor Authentication

eSignature two-factor authentication

Announcing Account Level Two-Factor Authentication

Good news! Two-factor authentication is now available for HelloSign paid plans. We pride ourselves on providing bank-level security to our users. With HelloSign, your documents are already protected by SSL encryption and secure server infrastructure hosted at a state-of-the-art Tier III, SSAE-16 and ISO 27001 certified data center. We’ve now taken security a step further with  our latest two-factor authentication feature. The most exciting part? HelloSign is the only eSignature solution to offer this extra security feature at the account level.


eSign Using HelloSign for Google Docs

Our HelloSign for Google Docs add-on lets you do more where you’re already working. You can electronically sign any document (or send it to someone else to sign) right in Google Docs. We designed the HelloSign for Google Docs Add-on to create a seamless esigning experience and minimize the need for uploads, downloads, sign-ins, and open tabs. More

Using HelloSign eSignatures with Google Apps

If you’re a Google Apps company, you’ll want to check out our latest HelloSign Google integration: the HelloSign for Google Docs add-on. The HelloSign add-on lets you sign whatever Google Doc you’re working on, right inside Google Docs. You can request signatures from others using the HelloSign for Google Docs add-on as well. More

eSignatures for Google Fans

Are you madly in love with Gmail? Do you use Google Drive for just about everything in your life? Whatever you need to type up, sketch out, create, or organize goes in a Google Doc, Google Spreadsheet, Google Presentation, or Google Form, doesn’t it? Me too. And yes, this was written in a Google Doc.

So from one Google lover to another, I wanted to let you know that Google add-ons are here! With add-ons you can customize your Google account to meet your work needs even more precisely than before with all kinds of extras.

The HelloSign for Google Docs add-on lets you electronically sign any Google Doc. You don’t need to open a new tab and login to HelloSign or upload anything. You just open the Google Doc, and add your signature to it in one fell swoop without disrupting your workflow. More