SAML SSO at HelloSign

It’s an unfortunate reality that security and user experience are often competing priorities. Or, put another way, what makes our data safer usually has the unwelcome side-effect of adding complexity and overhead. However there are rare and welcome occasions in which these two interests align and the end result is a clear win all the way around. Offering support for SAML SSO has emerged as one such example where HelloSign’s Enterprise customers can now improve security and ease-of-use for their team members.

But let’s take a step back for the uninitiated – what exactly is SAML SSO and why is it so powerful?


What Does Embedded Requesting Look Like?


When you think of HelloSign you might immediately think of eSignatures. In fact, we offer a lot more than easy online signing! We power tons of features that allow anyone to manage, customize, and automate every inch of their document workflows.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be going over a few of these features in greater detail, including a few team features, automation features, API features, and more.

Today we’re covering embedded requesting. This is a feature that’s available to API customers of HelloSign. You may find this feature particularly intriguing if you’re looking for a way to incorporate online signing directly into your website, application, or workflow.

Read on if this is you.


Reduce Errors In Signed Documents With Data Validation


Hi HelloSign-ers!

You asked for it. We built it. Data validation is now available to all HelloSign users on a Pro plan or above and to all our API plan holders. This is just one of the ways we’ve updated our signer experience to make it easier to get your docs signed quickly and accurately.

Read below to learn more or visit the FAQ to get started with data validation right away.