A Designer’s Transition into Startup Life: 7 Hard-Earned Lessons

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At HelloSign, we celebrate the unique-ness of each and every one of our employees. Read on to learn more about our beloved marketing designer, Berenice Mendez as she shares her 7 lessons for transitioning from an agency into the startup world.

Take it away, B.

– HelloSign


If you’re anything like me, you graduated from college with a portfolio full of blood sweat and tears. You developed every skill needed to land a job working for Don Draper in the tough and prestigious world of the agency.

You could print, cut, and assemble packaging mockups at lightning speed. You could create logos that captured the essence of any client’s company. After all, those were the things you needed if you wanted to enter into the client world and the skills your teachers gave you most of their advice on. If you wouldn’t be delivering awe-inspiring pitches, what else were you going to tell your friends you did, right?

I asked myself that same question after working in advertising for a couple of years and feeling like I was missing out on something. I knew designers were making a big impact in the tech industry, but I was clueless as to how they fit and worked inside many of these fast-growing companies. Could my future as a designer lie somewhere beyond the agency life? I wanted an answer, so I decided to look into a change.


HelloSign Unveils a Cleaner, Simpler UI to Empower Users

Six months ago we unveiled a complete overhaul of our brand, which included a new identity, website and a refresh of our overall brand language. For the past seven months, we’ve been working hard to extend our brand language to the product. Today, we couldn’t be happier to share the results with you.

We started the redesign process with two goals in mind:

  1. Inject our new brand personality into the product.
  2. Make our users more awesome by making their eSignature experience easier.

We realize the value of beautiful design. However, design that empowers our users with a more intuitive user experience is what defines great design in our eyes. With that said, throughout the redesign we were sure to keep our core value top of mind: our users come first.


11 Things Startups Should Know Before Rebranding

lessons from HelloSign on rebranding startups

Redesigning an existing brand can be an extremely challenging process, especially for fast-growing startups. We launched our new brand a few weeks ago and these are eleven things we learned along the way at HelloSign.

1. Let go

The very first step in the redesign process is evaluating existing flows. A huge part of a redesign is replacing elements that aren’t successful with ones that are. You may find that it’s difficult to let go of certain things due to familiarity. There may be a few darlings. A few near-and-dears that make everyone’s heart flutter. Even nostalgia is involved. The best way to let go and convince others to do the same is by reasoning it out. Show them why it’s important to throw away certain brand equity. Are there metrics to prove something isn’t working the way it should be? Maybe you can gather user feedback to prove that people aren’t using a feature the way it was initially anticipated. Data always wins over feelings. Well, almost always.

Read my article on Medium to learn 10 more things startups should know before rebranding.

We’re Leveling Up

As HelloSign continues to grow at a fast pace, we’re continuously looking for ways to improve the way users interact with our brand. Today, we’re announcing a complete redesign of our brand and website. We started discussing a redesign five months ago to see if there was a better way to tell our story. Here’s what we came up with:before_after_logo