LoftSmart is Changing the Rental Ecosystem With the Help of HelloSign


Some of the most successful companies are born out of a founder’s real-life experiences and needs. This was certainly the case with LoftSmart, a platform that allows students to hunt down, apply for, and lease well-rated, affordable housing in the local community.

They recently integrated HelloSign’s API to form the crux of their paperless rental platform. HelloSign was one of LoftSmart’s first integrations and inspired some seriously delightful results.

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How EquityZen Decreased Document Turnaround Time From 48 Hours to 11 Minutes


The tedium caused by traditional investment paperwork has long plagued shareholders and investors alike. Paperwork friction like printing and faxing sensitive tax documents and filling out repetitive information page after page in an agreement makes a complicated process that much more complicated.

Not only can complications like these hold up deals, they can ignite serious hesitations from customers and cause fissures in business relationships. EquityZen, a marketplace for private investments, is changing all that.

EquityZen helps private companies and their shareholders manage liquidity issues while also helping qualified investors access private companies. And with a name like EquityZen, it’s clear that the company wants their clients to have peace of mind.

They’ve been a user of HelloSign since 2013 and employ features like embedded signing and auto-populate for text fields to simplify the investing process for all involved.

“Our customers have told us that our platform, including the investment process, offers a superior user experience compared to our competitors. The ability to eSign documents is a huge user experience boon for us.”

The simplification of the paperwork process is an integral part of how EquityZen has positioned themselves as leaders in investment tech.

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How JobAdder Brought Seamless Document Workflows to Their Users


JobAdder is a global recruitment platform headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Founded in 2007 by Brett Iredale (also the founder of NowHiring), JobAdder’s mission from the get-go has been to simplify recruitment.

Years of hard work came to fruition in JobAdder’s pièce de résistance – a cloud-based software that streamlines the recruitment process from end-to-end for both agency and in-house recruitment professionals.

With a diverse suite of integrations, JobAdder’s software unites disparate recruiting tasks (like searching careers websites, completing online timesheets, and electric signing for documents) under the umbrella of an easy to manage dashboard.

Recruiters use JobAdder to streamline their recruitment  workflow and excel in their field.


How Brokermint Increased Their Sales Conversion Rate 23% by Leveraging eSignatures


About Brokermint

Brokermint is a San Diego-based SaaS company that provides back office software to real estate firms, real estate brokerages, and real estate companies. Their software combines various real estate investing tools and workflows into one easy-to-use platform.

Andrew Chischevoy, Brokermint’s Co-founder, explained the inspiration behind Brokermint’s business model:

“We know that, on average, realtors use seven to twelve tools. They love technology, but the downside is they use too many systems. Any platform that can consolidate multiple tools is a HUGE win for them.”

So equipped with a long history in real estate and fueled by a passion for simplifying complicated processes, Andrew and his business partner set out to create a fully paperless platform to sweep the market.