Uses HelloSign for Every Dollar of Revenue (and More!) is an international network and marketplace for technical freelance professionals. They connect qualified tech experts with companies that need them most.

“We help any person — from an owner of a SaaS startup, to an executive at a larger company — easily spin up and work with a fully managed virtual engineering team.” uses HelloSign to ensure everything operates flawlessly on the admin side. It’s proven instrumental in helping the company create a successful (and lucrative) hiring experience for both client and freelancers. shared: “We use HelloSign for every single dollar of revenue and much, much more.”

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How Dagrofa Took Hiring to a New Level by Automating Employee Onboarding

Onboarding new employees has always been a cumbersome, dreaded task. The mountains of forms, agreements, and notices that need to be filled out are time consuming and – if filled out manually – can be chock full of errors once completed.

Now imagine the sheer number of onboarding headaches that happen when your company hires thousands of employees a year. That’s exactly the challenge faced by the Danish grocery wholesaler named Dagrofa. With more than 19,000 employees across their three business segments, they solved their onboarding headaches by adding HelloSign’s API to their technology stack.

By streamlining the onboarding process, Dagrofa gets their new employees up and running in the jobs they were actually hired to do with less wasted time.

Dagrofa has been a user of HelloSign since 2016 and uses features like white-labeling, variable signers, and embedded signing to simplify the onboarding process for their new employees.

“Contracts are more efficient with almost no errors, they’re completed faster, employees are better onboarded, and overall there are less problems and less paperwork.” – Daniel Avel Lintoiu, Product Owner for Digital Solutions

The streamlining of their hiring process is an integral part to how Dagrofa has positioned themselves as leaders in digital onboarding.

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FrontFundr Decreased Document Processing Time by 75% with HelloSign

FrontFundr is an equity crowdfunding platform that bridges the gap between investors and early-stage companies. They make investing simple and accessible for everyone.

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eSignatureGuarantee is Upgrading the Securities Industry with HelloSign’s API

eSignatureGuarantee gives shareholders the power to quickly and safely obtain a medallion signature guarantee before transferring securities. The company offers a “patent pending and first to market” platform that bundles compliance review, identity authentication, and signature guarantee paperwork into one flow.

They integrated HelloSign’s API into their platform, allowing shareholders to sign required transfer documents and stock power forms online for the very first time.

As a result, they’ve simplified the securities transfer process, saved their customers time and money, and solved a pain point for shareholders who otherwise would have extreme difficulty obtaining a medallion signature guarantee.

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