11 Things Startups Should Know Before Rebranding

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lessons from HelloSign on rebranding startups

Redesigning an existing brand can be an extremely challenging process, especially for fast-growing startups. We launched our new brand a few weeks ago and these are eleven things we learned along the way at HelloSign.

1. Let go

The very first step in the redesign process is evaluating existing flows. A huge part of a redesign is replacing elements that aren’t successful with ones that are. You may find that it’s difficult to let go of certain things due to familiarity. There may be a few darlings. A few near-and-dears that make everyone’s heart flutter. Even nostalgia is involved. The best way to let go and convince others to do the same is by reasoning it out. Show them why it’s important to throw away certain brand equity. Are there metrics to prove something isn’t working the way it should be? Maybe you can gather user feedback to prove that people aren’t using a feature the way it was initially anticipated. Data always wins over feelings. Well, almost always.

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