How Provided Their Customers with a 79% Improvement on Document Turnaround Time


Imagine you were paid a full 9 days earlier than expected. It would give you extra financial flexibility, alleviate any concerns you might have about balancing your bills, and deliver an advance on your peace of mind.

This type of payments timeline boost is exactly what SaaS company set out to provide to the construction industry when they launched their platform at the beginning of 2016.

Through an easy-to-use online platform, facilitates the exchange of lien waivers and payments between payers and payees on construction projects. They’ve developed key features like accounting software syncing, automatic tracking, and electronic signing flows to ensure seamless payments for all involved.

In April 2016, the company integrated the HelloSign API to power the preparation and signature of these documents online. Since then, their customers have experienced an increase in document turnaround of over 79% – from 12.4 days to 2.6 days.


What Do Embedded Templates Look Like?


Last week we showed you what HelloSign’s embedded requesting looks like. Now it’s time to take a closer look at HelloSign’s embedded templates.

Embedded templates are a HelloSign API feature. Adding embedded templates to your integration allow your users or customers to create their very own document templates right on your website, application, or workflow.

Embedded templates can easily be included in most HelloSign integrations. As a reminder, every HelloSign API integration is customizable to fit your needs. We’ll work with you to create the best workflow possible!

Below we’ll share a few common use cases for embedded templates and go over some of the benefits of this great addition.

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Vendini’s Sales Team Uses HelloSign to Close Deals on the Phone


As anyone in the entertainment industry knows, all the glitter in the world won’t guarantee that people attend an event. Success requires a delicate balance of promotion, ticket availability, and doing good on promises to provide a pleasurable experience.

Vendini Inc., a company with over 15 years of live event experience, understands this deeply.

Kathryn Hunt of Vendini’s product marketing department had this to share:

“At Vendini, it’s our mission to simplify the way organizations and venues coordinate and manage ticketing, marketing, crm, reporting, and logistics through our cloud services and apps. Our all-in-one solution empowers performing arts executives, festival and event organizers, promoters of live music shows, and many others to host successful events each and every time.”

Since Vendini’s customers tend to hold fiscal responsibility and accountability for their events, Vendini also understands how important each and every communication can be. They work hard to provide an exceptional customer experience to their clients, from the first moment of contact to the very end. This, of course, includes an easy contract signing experience.

Vendini recently introduced HelloSign into their sales cycle, empowering their sales reps to get documents signed quickly and reliably.

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Keep Your Teams in the Loop With These HelloSign Features


We don’t subscribe to every catchy slogan, but “teamwork makes the dream work” is one we can stand behind. There’s nothing more important than collaborating and communicating effectively within teams.

Below you’ll find our favorite tips and tricks for using HelloSign to keep your team in the loop.



LoftSmart is Changing the Rental Ecosystem With the Help of HelloSign


Some of the most successful companies are born out of a founder’s real-life experiences and needs. This was certainly the case with LoftSmart, a platform that allows students to hunt down, apply for, and lease well-rated, affordable housing in the local community.

They recently integrated HelloSign’s API to form the crux of their paperless rental platform. HelloSign was one of LoftSmart’s first integrations and inspired some seriously delightful results.

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