4 Ways To Drastically Improve Your Contractor Onboarding Flow


If you’re in charge of hiring a large number of contractors online, then you know it requires a lot of tedious admin work. First, you need to figure out how to handle the logistics of the applications. Then, you need to figure out how you’ll organize documents like start contracts, W-9s, and I-9s. Add frustrations like misplaced documents or incorrectly completed forms, and it’s easy to imagine the kind of challenge you have on your hands.

Yet despite the difficulties, great onboarding remains critical for companies that are powered by contract workers (on-demand services like Lyft, Shyp, TaskRabbit come to mind). In fact, great onboarding can mean the difference between success and failure as you grow your workforce. When you improve the onboarding flow for your employees, you can improve retention rate by 200% (not to mention experience a whole slew of other benefits).

We’ll be covering how to create an excellent online onboarding program for your contractors.


How We Use HelloSign at HelloSign


One of the most fulfilling parts about working at HelloSign is that each and every day we get to build something that helps people accomplish great things. We’re dedicated to making our users awesome and we love seeing people sign possibilities into realities. But something you may not know about the HelloSign team is that we also happen to be avid users of our own product.

To celebrate National eSign Day – the historic day that made eSignatures legal in the US – we thought it’d be fun to share how HelloSign employees are using HelloSign out in the wild.

– The HelloSign Team

We Asked HelloSign Employees: “How Have You HelloSign-ed?” Here’s What They Had to Say!


How to Fill Out a W-9 Form Online


If you’re a contractor, part-time employee, or freelancer, you need to complete a W-9 form before you can be legally contracted by an employer or company. In days past, that meant enduring the massive headache of printing and faxing the document(s). But nowadays you have the option to save time and sanity by filling out the form entirely online.


HelloSign is eIDAS Compliant


July 1, 2016 marks the official transition from the EU EC/1999/93 Directive to the “Electronic ID and Trust Services” or “eIDAS.” This new and improved legislation bolsters the protection of eSignature in European nations, and standardizes the recognition of eSignatures across countries in the EU.

The new legislation pertains to both European residents using eSignatures and those entering into business or commerce transactions that require a legally binding eSignature from clients of a country in the EU.

More about the transition to eIDAS

For nearly 10 years, countries in the European Union have electronically signed documents securely and legally online, protected by the EU EC/1999/93 Directive. As the pioneering law for eSignatures in the EU, EU EC/1999/93 was the first to establish “that an electronic signature shall not be denied legal effect and admissibility as evidence in legal proceedings solely on the fact that it is in electronic form” among many other protections (Source).

Put more simply, the EU EC/1999/93 Directive made eSignatures legal in the EU.


Free Resource: eSignatures for Marketplaces and On-Demand Platforms


HelloSign was built to help every type of company get documents signed quickly and easily online. And though we fit any business model, our user-friendly signing experience and versatile eSignature API make us particularly helpful for on-demand platforms and marketplaces.

We created a free resource to show you how your marketplace or on-demand service can use HelloSign eSignatures to eliminate administrative inefficiencies, streamline important business agreements, and save precious time and resources as a result.

Click the link to view your free resource or read on for more details.