A Designer’s Transition into Startup Life: 7 Hard-Earned Lessons

Transitioning from Advertising to startup-01

At HelloSign, we celebrate the unique-ness of each and every one of our employees. Read on to learn more about our beloved marketing designer, Berenice Mendez as she shares her 7 lessons for transitioning from an agency into the startup world.

Take it away, B.

– HelloSign


If you’re anything like me, you graduated from college with a portfolio full of blood sweat and tears. You developed every skill needed to land a job working for Don Draper in the tough and prestigious world of the agency.

You could print, cut, and assemble packaging mockups at lightning speed. You could create logos that captured the essence of any client’s company. After all, those were the things you needed if you wanted to enter into the client world and the skills your teachers gave you most of their advice on. If you wouldn’t be delivering awe-inspiring pitches, what else were you going to tell your friends you did, right?

I asked myself that same question after working in advertising for a couple of years and feeling like I was missing out on something. I knew designers were making a big impact in the tech industry, but I was clueless as to how they fit and worked inside many of these fast-growing companies. Could my future as a designer lie somewhere beyond the agency life? I wanted an answer, so I decided to look into a change.


Announcing Our Best Signer Experience Yet


On any given day, tens of thousands of people receive documents to sign on HelloSign. They view those documents on all different devices, from huge desktop monitors to pocket-sized smartphones.

Over the last few months, we’ve been hard at work to improve how users can clearly and easily view and sign documents using HelloSign, no matter the screen size.

After much collaboration, testing, and refinement, the time has finally come to announce our latest update: a simpler, sleeker way to sign using any device. 


HelloSign at API World Conference & Expo 2015


There’s a lot of talk about user experience (UX) in the startup world. But even in an engineering-heavy terrain, there’s one type of user that’s often left out of the UX conversation: developers.

That’s why we’re particularly excited to announce our upcoming presence at the API World Conference & Expo in Santa Clara on September 28th – September 30th.

We’ll be hosting a special developer-focused workshop, scouting for talent, and representing HelloSign on the expo floor.


Optimizing Team Communications, The HelloSign Way



Hipchat/Slack messages.

Verbal announcements.

These are just a few of many ways in which we communicate these days. It’s easy to get lost in a flood of messages and ignore the ones that matter.

At HelloSign, we noticed that this was increasingly becoming a communication pain point. A lot of important information that we wanted to surface internally was not being relayed effectively simply because of the sheer volume.

Communication is an integral part of any well-oiled machine. As our team grows, we’re constantly evaluating tools to make communication a bit easier, which almost always results in increased productivity.

It was clear we needed a centralized system to access announcements, celebrate accomplishments, and keep current with metrics. To set up a more permanent internal communication system, the Creative team – in collaboration with Team Ops – started working on a little project called “The Daily Scroll”.


Trxade Makes Complicated Vendor Applications Easy with the HelloSign API


Pharmaceutical trading platform opts for great developer experience and a cleaner, easier eSignature API solution after switching from EchoSign.

Trxade is a wholesale pharmaceutical pricing platform serving over 4000+ independent pharmacies. Partnering with top industry suppliers, Trxade offers easy access to the best products from leading pharmaceutical companies.

By automating the application process for their users, Trxade makes it easier and faster for pharmacists to access affordable pharmaceuticals.

Challenge: Filling multiple applications from different vendors

The lengthy application process required by pharmaceutical vendors has long been a pain point for independent pharmacists. The application process can take upwards of 48 hours and most wholesale vendors require complex paperwork and a series of back and forth approvals.

To save resources and optimize the experience for their pharmacist users, Trxade removed the repetition of applying to multiple vendors by automatically populating applications with user information. They use the HelloSign eSignature API and embedded templates to accomplish the automation.