HelloSign for Salesforce is Better Than Ever!

We’re thrilled to announce our new and improved version of HelloSign for Salesforce.

The latest edition of HelloSign for Salesforce was tailor-made for teams seeking an uninterrupted way to complete signing workflows in Salesforce and the SFDC ecosystem. Users can now create and manage templates, easily add HelloSign to other integrated apps, and automate signing flows – from anywhere within Salesforce.

Admins, VARs, and developers who want flexibility and extensibility from an eSignature product in Salesforce will be particularly excited about the updates.

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6 Friction Points That Are Killing Your Business

“Our goal is to make it so there’s as little friction as possible to having a social experience.”
Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook

Facebook set out to make using social media easy for everybody (including your parents!) by limiting friction. It’s been rewarded with billions of engaged users and the advertising revenue that goes with it.

Reducing or eliminating friction from your business can have drastic effects including:

  1. Higher lead-to-customer conversion rate
  2. Increased retention and renewal rates
  3. Enhanced productivity in the workplace

Reducing friction sounds great, doesn’t it? Of course it does, but first you have to find the points of friction in your own business, and it can be trickier than you think.

In this blog post we’ll demonstrate common examples of friction in the workplace, from new business acquisition to internal processes.


Instacart Accelerates Contractor Application Completion by 270% with HelloWorks

Instacart – a popular on-demand grocery marketplace – uses HelloWorks to power their intelligent and mobile-first contractor onboarding workflow.

Following the implementation of HelloWorks into the workflow, Instacart saw median contract completion accelerate by 270% compared to those who were onboarded during the prior, manual process.

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CeloPay Modernizes Outdated Processes With the Help of HelloSign’s API

What happens when a company needs to collect sensitive billing information, but doesn’t have access to a fax machine or a secure network to do so? In days past, that meant jumping through hoops to safely and compliantly request and receive the desired info.

Today it’s as easy as using CeloPay.

This Georgia-based service facilitates the submission, storage, and processing of payment information in a convenient, secure, and compliant method. No fax machines or unsecured emails are required, making it an accessible and safe solution for companies of all sizes.

CeloPay recently integrated HelloSign’s API into their application, embedding electronic signatures into their billing info request process. This has given their customers the peace of mind of having a legally binding signature, and a speedy way to request, collect, and confirm billing information in one fell swoop.

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Grayson College Is Transforming the Education Industry With HelloSign

Grayson College is a premier learning college in Denison, Texas. Having been in operation for over fifty years, Grayson is no stranger to building higher education programs from the ground up. One pillar that sets Grayson apart use of cutting-edge technology to better serve their students and administrative staff.

Read below to learn how Grayson College embedded HelloSign’s API into their student portal, giving staff and students an easy, fast, and reliable way to complete what were once slow and frustrating paperwork flows.