Here’s How We’re Leveling up HelloSign

leveling up HelloSign

This is the year we’re leveling up as a company. We’ve been hustling for a long time and we decided it was time to scale. We held out until the indicators were there and they told us it was time to step on the gas: the metrics were in alignment, the eSignature market was hitting an inflection point in growth and people love the product.


eSignatures Create Efficiency for Enplug’s Growing Business

Enplug chooses HelloSign for eSignatures

Digital marketing and social media have touched almost every aspect of a business. Even digital signage has been reimagined to incorporate new technologies. Enplug has built the next generation network of intelligent displays and uses HelloSign for eSignatures to manage its document workflow.

Enplug Social Media Displays start the conversation on social for businesses. Enplug’s digital signage plug and play device turns any digital display into an interactive and real-time marketing tool for businesses. Enplug’s device plugs into any TV, display or projector via HDMI. The Enplug App Market lets businesses pick from a variety of apps to display, including live social media feeds, advertisements, news feeds, weather and more.

Enplug increases a business’s social media exposure, impressions, and engagement through the social media display. Customers have seen an increase in sales by up to 28%.


11 Things Startups Should Know Before Rebranding

lessons from HelloSign on rebranding startups

Redesigning an existing brand can be an extremely challenging process, especially for fast-growing startups. We launched our new brand a few weeks ago and these are eleven things we learned along the way at HelloSign.

1. Let go

The very first step in the redesign process is evaluating existing flows. A huge part of a redesign is replacing elements that aren’t successful with ones that are. You may find that it’s difficult to let go of certain things due to familiarity. There may be a few darlings. A few near-and-dears that make everyone’s heart flutter. Even nostalgia is involved. The best way to let go and convince others to do the same is by reasoning it out. Show them why it’s important to throw away certain brand equity. Are there metrics to prove something isn’t working the way it should be? Maybe you can gather user feedback to prove that people aren’t using a feature the way it was initially anticipated. Data always wins over feelings. Well, almost always.

Read my article on Medium to learn 10 more things startups should know before rebranding.

The Benefits of Building a Tech Company in the Bay Area

move your tech startup to the Bay Area

In 2010, I moved myself and the company from Minnesota to San Francisco. There’s no way we would have been able to build this company in Minnesota. Every week or so, I hear about a new city that’s trying to become the “next Silicon Valley” or someone tries to explain to me that Minnesota is a great place to build a tech company.

You certainly can create a good company anywhere. You can also sprint at 20,000 feet. It’s just significantly harder and you’ll be giving yourself a handicap.

Brad Marsh at ReachLocal invited me to join a panel at South by Southwest Interactive Festival about whether or not there is a dust bowl in the Silicon Prairie. To prepare, I put together seven reasons why a tech company should move to the Bay Area on my Startup Thoughts blog. If you’d like to see this panel at the conference, vote on the SXSW Panel Picker.

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A Guide to eSignatures for Insurance Agents

insurance eSignatures ebook

Insurance trends like mobility, automation in underwriting and eSignatures are transforming the insurance industry and affecting everyone from large carriers to small independent agencies. Those who adapt to these changes and leverage insurance software to stay relevant will capture the lion’s share of business moving forward.