HelloSign Launches Integration with Slack!


We have some exciting news: HelloSign has joined forces with Slack so that you can track signed paperwork directly from your Slack channels.

Gone are the days of having to check your inbox (or HelloSign) to see whether your document was signed. With the new Slack and HelloSign integration, you’ll receive a notification every time a document is completed or signed—all directly on your Slack channel.

Psst… ready to get your hands dirty and just get started? Turn on your Slack integration now.


How to Hire (and Keep) Your Best Engineers


There’s a big challenge in the startup world: engineers leave their teams… frequently. A poll by Glassdoor found that 25% of engineering hires begin looking for a new position a mere 3 months after signing on with a new company.

With big companies on the hunt for new hires and the talent war raging, the task of attracting and building your best engineering team can feel daunting, to say the least.

But great engineers are just like any other pro employee (or anyone else for that matter) – they want to be motivated, to have the autonomy to accomplish great work, and to have the proper resources to meet (and be badass at) their goals. In fewer words, they want purpose, ownership, and growth (POG).

To help you create your biggest, baddest team, we compiled the baseline “musts” for attracting and supporting great engineers.


HelloSign at OSCON 2015

HelloSign at OSCON

Last week, a few members of the HelloSign team packed up and headed to Portland, Oregon for the annual Open Source Conference (OSCON) hosted by O’Reilly Media.

The convention, boasting an impressive lineup of speakers and attendees, was more than just a meetup for developers. Straight from the OSCON site:

Once considered a radical upstart, open source has moved from disruption to default. Its methods and culture commoditized the technologies that drove the Internet revolution and transformed the practice of software development. Collaborative and transparent, open source has become modus operandi, powering the next wave of innovation in cloud, data, and mobile technologies.

OSCON is where all of the pieces come together: developers, innovators, businesspeople, and investors.”

OSCON 2015 was attended by over 4,000 professionals. Representatives from Twilio, New Relic, and GitHub (plus more) took to the floor to share innovations in open source and connect with developers, investors, and business people.

Keynote speakers included 13-year old coder Keila Banks, James Pearce of Facebook, and Allison Randal of HP.


3 Challenges You’ll Face When Scaling Your Startup Team

3 Challenges You WILL Face As You Scale Your Startup-05

We’re facing a small challenge at the HelloSign office. Need a hint? It’s bigger than a breadbox and smaller than a gymnasium.

I’m talking about our office space.

Over the last few months, we’ve added to our team at a rapid pace. At the beginning of 2014, we were a lean team of under 15 employees. Since then, we’ve more than doubled the number and moved our office location to fit all the new faces.

Growing the team is just one way we’re leveling up as a company. That said, the team scale has also led us to face some common challenges that result from adding more brains to an operation.

And because we know firsthand how tricky it can be to maintain balance and momentum when adding to a team, we wanted to share some of the “lessons learned” during our own team scale.