7 Ways to Master eSignatures

7_reasons_insurance_agents_v2So… you wanna learn how to master eSignatures? We’re here to help!

Remember when you first learned to ride a bike? There was the time before you learned the tricks of the road. And then there was the time after – when all the elements clicked.

Most people who hop on the eSignature ride share a similar experience. They can remember the time before eSignatures and the time after eSignatures. It makes sense – the problems that eSignatures solve are usually pretty relieving.

“Wait, what? The document’s been signed?! That was fast!”

And after new users have gotten their balance (and sent a document or two), they’re usually ready to learn all about the tricks of the eSignature trade.

Luckily the learning curve is quick when it comes to becoming an eSignature master. Consider this a guide to eSignatures – sans training wheels. Get ready to wow the whole block with your eSigning savvy.


Openlegal: Using eSignatures to Cut the Fat in Work Processes


At HelloSign, we’re guided by one core value above all others: making users awesome. That’s why we jump at every opportunity to share stories about how our incredible users are using HelloSign to level-up their business.

We sat down with HelloSign user, web developer, and attorney Ric Gruber Jr. of Openlegal  a service of law firm Pasky Gruber Scatchell LLC – to chat about his firm’s unique model for lowering the costs of legal services and how he and his team are using technology to beat out the competition.


7 Productivity Apps We’re Loving


Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before.” – Franz Kafka

That, my friends, is a far cry from how we tend to look at productivity in this day and age.

For most modern companies (and employees), boosting productivity has become more focused on squishing an elephant of a to-do list into an ever shrinking room. That means seeking out every opportunity to get more done in less time. Hacks! Multi-tasking!

But juggling 67 productivity tips can easily end up distracting you from the important stuff. Like accomplishing goals and recouping mental energy. You know, all the good stuff we’re after when we say we want to be more productive.

Kafka may have been onto something.


Want To Give Your Customers an Awesome Experience? Here’s How


Our core value at HelloSign is simple but effective: make users awesome.

At the core of everything we do is a relentless focus on getting better for the customer – to make the customer awesome. Making users awesome is our true north.” - HelloSign

That’s right, we measure our goals in awesome points. There’s a good reason behind our mission, too. From a company standpoint, we know how important happy customers are to running a successful business. But our reason for making users awesome goes far beyond meeting basic company criteria.


Introducing: HelloSign Avian

Here at HelloSign we know how frustrating it can be to get your documents signed and delivered in a timely manner. Printing, postage, shipping… oof, a complete headache. That’s why we’re taking a stance against standard signature flows.

With birds.

Introducing: HelloSign Avian, the swiftest way to send and receive signatures.

As a tech-forward company, we work hard to provide you with the very best tools for streamlining workflow and increasing productivity. HelloSign Avian has taken the time-tested and proven “carrier” method and revamped it for the modern age.