We Heart Webinars: When I Work + HelloSign


We’re kind of webinar nerds here at HelloSign. We like hosting them. We like learning from them. And we especially like participating in them.

That’s why we were excited by the opportunity to join together with When I Work for the recent webinar, “Spark Employee Performance and Supercharge Business Growth”.

When I Work is a service dedicated to helping companies schedule and communicate with hourly employees. We’ve had the opportunity to pair with them before (our very own Joseph Walla was featured in one of their expert Q&A posts!) and we’ve been big fans of their work ever since. From an HR standpoint, When I Work also happens to be a company dedicated to creating a smooth hiring process. More

Say “Hello!” to HelloSign at… Automation Conference 2015 and NetVu15

HelloSign at 2015 Automation Conference and NetVu15



2015 has already been a pretty awesome one for the HelloSign team. We’ve connected with insurance experts like Randy Schwantz for our industry webinars, worked with companies like SimplyInsured to streamline agency workflow, and visited with insurance professionals on their home turf.

During a recent trip visit to Tampa, Florida, we met with Agents Council for Technology (ACT) for their 2015 Meeting. A group dedicated to empowering insurance agents, the ACT helps insurance agents to grow their business by integrating technology. We were lucky enough to sit in on sessions with industry leaders and learn about how agents are using eSignatures to modernize their agencies.

And on top of all these awesome-making opportunities, we’ve also kept a close eye out for insurance industry events where we can interact with even more members of the insurance community.


How to Rollout Any New Digital Tool To Your Team


Picture this: You’ve just discovered a great new digital tool for your business. One that could save your company not only time but money and resources. You’re so amped to share the good news that you call your team into the office and give a rousing speech to announce your find. With a final flourish of excitement (and a heaving chest), you finish your pitch and set your team loose to enjoy the benefits.

Ready team? Aaaaaand go!

*Poke. Poke. Poke.*

That’s the sound of people poking holes in your enthusiasm.

As anyone who’s ever pitched a new tool to a room full of people can tell you, converting employees to adopt a new digital tool isn’t always easy. In fact, you’re up against a challenge any time you present a new idea, a product, or strategy.


Debunking the Top 5 eSignature Myths


HelloSign has collected what I like to refer to as a “league of extraordinary users.” From solo business owners to insurance agents to socially-minded startups, we have a pretty impressive crew. But for all the yay-sayers in our user base there are plenty of people who are only just dipping a toe into the world of eSignatures. These newly introduced users (or potential users) usually start off by asking great questions as they poke around the product. Some of the most frequently asked questions? Q’s relating to concerns about eSignatures.

So to answer to these common concerns, I thought I’d tackle the top 5 eSignature myths. Up to bat…

  1. eSignatures aren’t secure ie “The internet is a jungle! How can I really be sure my private docs won’t get lost in the thicket?”
  2. eSignatures aren’t as legal as a paper signature ie “Hmm, signing a doc online? Does that really count?”
  3. eSignatures aren’t legal in some states ie “I’ve heard rumblings that some states don’t accept eSignatures. What’s the deal with that?”
  4. eSignatures share access to important (or classified) documents ie “But if I send a doc online then anyone can access it… right?”
  5. eSignatures are only a trend “Aren’t eSignatures just another online fad?”

A formidable lineup? Indeed. But we’re always excited by a challenge. Time to get busting.


Top Tips For Creating a Killer Online Insurance Sales Strategy



Insurance prospects don’t usually show up ready and raring to buy your policy. They peruse, they assess, and they comparison shop for the best plan. Increasingly, these prospects are using technology (ah yes, that ever powerful internet) to do their company detective work. What does that mean for the modern insurance agency? Customers who can’t find you online might not find you at all. Additionally, customers who can’t interact with your company online may opt to take their business to a more online friendly company. Ach, that sounds mighty scary!

But don’t worry – there’s good news to all this “dun, dun, dunnnn” info.

The Agents Council for Technology (ACT) recently released a report for insurance agents looking to ramp-up their modern insurance sales game. Using research compiled from a year-long study, ACT’s report offers tips and recommendations for how agents can use technology to improve their online insurance sales strategy and close even more deals.