The Benefits of Building a Tech Company in the Bay Area

move your tech startup to the Bay Area

In 2010, I moved myself and the company from Minnesota to San Francisco. There’s no way we would have been able to build this company in Minnesota. Every week or so, I hear about a new city that’s trying to become the “next Silicon Valley” or someone tries to explain to me that Minnesota is a great place to build a tech company.

You certainly can create a good company anywhere. You can also sprint at 20,000 feet. It’s just significantly harder and you’ll be giving yourself a handicap.

Brad Marsh at ReachLocal invited me to join a panel at South by Southwest Interactive Festival about whether or not there is a dust bowl in the Silicon Prairie. To prepare, I put together seven reasons why a tech company should move to the Bay Area on my Startup Thoughts blog. If you’d like to see this panel at the conference, vote on the SXSW Panel Picker.

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A Guide to eSignatures for Insurance Agents

insurance eSignatures ebook

Insurance trends like mobility, automation in underwriting and eSignatures are transforming the insurance industry and affecting everyone from large carriers to small independent agencies. Those who adapt to these changes and leverage insurance software to stay relevant will capture the lion’s share of business moving forward.

The Digital Toolkit for Independent Insurance Agents

digital toolkit for independent insurance agents

Independent insurance agents spend less time on administrative tasks while focusing on relationship-building and revenue-generating work by embracing digital tools. Your toolkit for a paperless office includes eSignatures, welcome emails and task automation. In other words, focus on the things you truly enjoy while providing the same level of service as a captive agent backed by a large insurance carrier.

There is a sea of digital tools to explore and consider. It’s great to have options but this can certainly be a blessing and a curse. We’ve rounded up five of our favorite paperless office resources for your independent insurance agent digital toolkit. (And we’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments, too.) While you may not have a big budget to spend on marketing and process improvements each year, these digital tools will help you stay competitive and attract more business on any budget.

7 Reasons Insurance Agents Should Adopt eSignatures

eSignatures for independent insurance agents

The Insurance Industry will be transformed by technology over the next few years and those who adapt will capture the lion’s share of business. Being the last person to adopt a technology means forfeiting many of the advantages already enjoyed by your peers. Don’t be the last agent still asking their clients to print, sign, scan and fax their documents. Here are seven reasons why now is the time to adopt eSignatures.

1. The technology is solid and easy to use
eSignatures are seeing rapid adoption from carriers, agents, producers and solution providers in order to enable fully electronic, straight-through processing (STP) for new business applications. The market is embracing eSignatures in earnest because the underlying technology is reliable and runs smoothly. eSignatures have been in use in banking, healthcare and other industries for over a decade. If anything, insurance is late to see the value of this innovative technology. Don’t get left behind. Getting setup only takes seconds and you could be accepting eSignatures in just minutes.

2. eSignatures are legally compliant and secure
The legality of eSignatures in insurance was established in 2000 with the federal e-sign law and is further supported by state UETA laws. Since then the courts have upheld the validity of eSignatures including cases relating to insurance such as Barwick v. Geico and Long v. Time Insurance Company. The industry standard technology of Audit Trails ensure documents have not been altered in any way. Documents are secured by server infrastructure hosted at a state-of-the-art Tier III, SSAE-16 certified data center with ISO 27001 certification. That’s the same level of security found at banking institutions.


We’re Leveling Up

As HelloSign continues to grow at a fast pace, we’re continuously looking for ways to improve the way users interact with our brand. Today, we’re announcing a complete redesign of our brand and website. We started discussing a redesign five months ago to see if there was a better way to tell our story. Here’s what we came up with:before_after_logo