HelloSign Now the #1 eSignature Solution for SMBs and Mid-Market Companies


Just one week after being named the #1 eSignature solution for SMBs in G2 Crowd’s “Top 50 Small-Businesses Products,” HelloSign has been ranked the overall best software solution for mid-market companies in the new “Top 25 Mid-Market Software Products” list! We’re incredibly proud and honored that our customers have shown their love of our service by rating us so highly in both reports.


HelloSign Ranked #1 eSignature Solution for Small Business in G2 Crowd


We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that HelloSign was ranked the #1 eSignature solution for small businesses and the #3 overall best software product for small businesses in G2 Crowd’s 2016 “Top 50 Small-Business Software Products.”

More About the Monumental Ranking

G2 Crowd releases their annual ranking of exceptional small business products at the end of every summer. Based on reviews of real customers, G2 Crowd’s rankings take into account user feedback, customer satisfaction rankings, and willingness to recommend the product to a friend.

In addition to taking top slot among eSignature solutions, HelloSign also garnered a 9.76 overall customer satisfaction rating, placing it as the third most recommended software product for small businesses in G2 Crowd’s entire list of 50.


The Startup Circle of Life: Team, Customers, Revenue



The image above sums up how I think of everything at HelloSign. If you want a snapshot of what’s going on in my head, it’s an image of a circle with three different pieces: customers, revenue, and team. This is how we will build a significant company.

We rolled this idea out about a year ago. I realized as we grew from 10-20 and 20-30, not everyone was on the same page. I started getting questions like:

  • Are our customers still a priority?
  • Why are we talking about customers so much? We really should be driving revenue.
  • Are we just focused on revenue?

When I’d hear about revenue not being a priority, I’d talk about the importance of revenue at a weekly meeting or mention it more in meetings. When I’d hear about our customers not being a priority, I’d do a presentation on that. It was like communication whack a mole!

I finally realized what I was missing. I needed to tie these separate elements together into one message. I started calling it –

The Circle of Life!


6 Steps for Getting Started with the HelloSign API


Every day, enterprise organizations sign hundreds, if not thousands, of documents. These might include legal agreements, NDAs, sales contracts, and onboarding forms (like W-4s, I9s, and W-9s). Coordinating all that paperwork takes a lot of effort across teams, and unfortunately, it’s easy for companies to pour time and resources into ineffective systems. Sometimes without even knowing it!


How Brokermint Increased Their Sales Conversion Rate 23% by Leveraging eSignatures


About Brokermint

Brokermint is a San Diego-based SaaS company that provides back office software to real estate firms, real estate brokerages, and real estate companies. Their software combines various real estate investing tools and workflows into one easy-to-use platform.

Andrew Chischevoy, Brokermint’s Co-founder, explained the inspiration behind Brokermint’s business model:

“We know that, on average, realtors use seven to twelve tools. They love technology, but the downside is they use too many systems. Any platform that can consolidate multiple tools is a HUGE win for them.”

So equipped with a long history in real estate and fueled by a passion for simplifying complicated processes, Andrew and his business partner set out to create a fully paperless platform to sweep the market.