The Lean Startup Guide to Employee Onboarding

lean startup employee onboarding

Imagine this scenario: you spent the past week interviewing with a hot new company, met the incredible team, stood out from your competition for the opportunity of your dreams and now the job is yours! On your first day, you walk eagerly into your new office, look around the hip industrial-chic space, you wait and wait, but no one greets you. You awkwardly look for a familiar face, trying not to look creepy, and finally someone turns around from their clickety-clacking on their keyboard and asks “Who are you?!”


How to Run Your Independent Insurance Agency on Google Apps for Work: Part 2 of 3

google apps for work and your independent insurance agency

There are countless tools available to boost productivity at your independent insurance agency. Google Apps for Work includes a full product suite to help you run your agency. In the first article of this three-part series, I walked through Google Apps for Works’ communication tools including Gmail, Hangouts and Calendar. Next up is Drive, Google’s file sharing service.


Insurance Industry Roundup: Leveraging Prospects, Secrets of Lead Generation, Demystifying Insurance Policies for Clients

insurance industry articles

The insurance industry is changing. One of the best ways to stay current with trends and best practices is to follow thought leaders who share insights on where things are headed and what you can do to modernize your insurance agency. Here’s a roundup of recent articles from insurance industry thought leaders and publications.


How to Run Your Independent Insurance Agency on Google Apps for Work: Part 1 of 3

google apps for work

This is the first article in a three-part series on using Google Apps for Work to run your independent insurance agency. Check back next week for part two on document storing and sharing.

Google is certainly more than the search engine it started out as in 1998. Today you can run your entire insurance agency on Google Apps for Work. Its foundation is Gmail but there are now several other tools your independent insurance agency can use to boost productivity around communication, document workflow and collaboration. And because everything is in the cloud, you’ll get work done wherever you are and from most any device.