HelloSign for Salesforce is Here!


Making sure that our customers have the very best online signing experience is a top priority here at HelloSign. That’s why we’re especially thrilled to announce that you can now find HelloSign for Salesforce in the Salesforce AppExchange. Now millions of SFDC users can use HelloSign to manage their signature workflows without ever needing to leave Salesforce!

Visit here to enable the integration or read on to learn more.


Free eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Lean Selling


In case you haven’t heard the exciting news, we’re launching our HelloSign for Salesforce integration! This integration joins our growing team of HelloSign’s CRM integrations (like HelloSign for HubSpot CRM).

Integrations like these empower sales teams of all types and sizes to get their contracts signed quickly, with minimal effort and maximum automation.

To celebrate the momentous occasion we created a comprehensive guide for sales teams who want to become more efficient at every stage of the sales cycle. The 32-page resource is packed with actionable tips to help sales teams close more deals faster.

Download “The Ultimate Guide to Lean Selling” here!


HelloSign Now Integrates With Oracle Documents Cloud


Walking to work this morning, I couldn’t help but reflect on how amazing it’s been to witness the digital transformation in just about every aspect of my life. So much clutter in my life has become obsolete.

Things like rotary phones, stamped letters, file cabinets, stacks and stacks of books, and VHS / DVD music have now, thankfully, been replaced by elegant, efficient, and easy to use digital replacements.

People simply desire and request tools that make their life simpler and better. We want tasks done now, we want them done fast, and we want them done right all with the minimal of work and time invested in getting them done.

A Paperless Future with Oracle Documents Cloud

One area of the digital transformation that’s taken strong hold in recent years has been paper. Paper! People have been dreaming of the paperless future for years now.

That horizon is getting closer and closer every day in a big way with the invention and adoption of digital paper workflow solutions like HelloSign’s eSignatures paired with widely-used systems like Oracle.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce HelloSign’s latest integration with Oracle Documents Cloud. The mission of this partnership is to couple the best of breed cloud document management systems with a top-notch eSignature solution.


3 Mistakes That Sabotage Your Email Outreach (and How to Fix Them)

3 Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Email Outreach-01
Psst… If you’re looking for more pro sales tips, be sure to download our free eBook: “The Ultimate Guide to Lean Selling.” It’s chock-full of actionable tips for sales teams looking to sell more efficiently.

Let’s be honest. Effective prospecting is harder than ever these days. With so many emails flooding inboxes, it’s easy for prospects to archive or ignore sales emails without a second thought. And can you really blame them? Despite best efforts, sales teams often let errors slide through that hurt their chance of making a meaningful connection.

Unfortunately, many of these email outreach mistakes go unnoticed.

As part of our September Sales Series, we’ve collected some of the most common email flubs we see in our own inboxes and shared tips for correcting or eliminating the offenses.


5 Videos Your Sales Team Needs

Psst… If you’re looking for more pro sales tips, be sure to download our free eBook: “The Ultimate Guide to Lean Selling.” It’s chock-full of actionable tips for sales teams looking to sell more efficiently.

According to Unisource Worldwide, 90% of users say that seeing a video about a product is helpful in the decision process. That means videos are no longer a “nice to have” sort of marketing asset and are now essential tools in any marketing team’s toolbelt.

If you’re not already creating videos, you better get to it! Your Sales team could reap the benefits of increased conversion rates, better qualified leads, or faster closing rates.

However, there are so many different videos you could create, so where do you get started?

To help you out, we’ve listed the top 5 videos you need to help enable your sales team.