3 Challenges You’ll Face When Scaling Your Startup Team

3 Challenges You WILL Face As You Scale Your Startup-05

We’re facing a small challenge at the HelloSign office. Need a hint? It’s bigger than a breadbox and smaller than a gymnasium.

I’m talking about our office space.

Over the last few months, we’ve added to our team at a rapid pace. At the beginning of 2014, we were a lean team of under 15 employees. Since then, we’ve more than doubled the number and moved our office location to fit all the new faces.

Growing the team is just one way we’re leveling up as a company. That said, the team scale has also led us to face some common challenges that result from adding more brains to an operation.

And because we know firsthand how tricky it can be to maintain balance and momentum when adding to a team, we wanted to share some of the “lessons learned” during our own team scale.


Interview With Garry Tan: “Never Fear Failure”


The HelloSign Speaker Series invites experts in tech fields to visit the HelloSign HQ. Garry Tan – partner at Y combinator and one of the original employees at Palantir (he designed the Palantir logo!) – recently stopped by the HelloSign office to talk Silicon Valley and share his experience working in and with startups.

Garry Tan: Designer. Engineer. YC Advisor. Unicorn.

A designer, investor, and engineer, Garry Tan is what’s known as an industry “unicorn” in the tech world. But beyond the well-earned mythical status (he exists – we can confirm this!), Garry maintains the humility and perspective of a great mentor.

As Hellosign’s CEO Joseph Walla puts it, “Garry represents Silicon Valley at its very best.

Here’s what Garry had to say about coaching startups, what founders can do to bring their company to the next level, and the question that all startups should be asking.


6/19: Weekly Recap of All The Internet Things


HelloHello! Time for the weekly report of all the internet things. New news. Old favorites. All in one spot.

Included this week: developer productivity, key financial indicators for startups, and 33,091 words on the foundation of code.



7 Task Management Apps We’re Loving


It’s Monday. Want to make your week count? No worries. We’ve got you covered!

Here are our favorite apps to keep your thoughts and your tasks organized:

1. Paperless Lists

A well-executed checklist is a thing of beauty and this is app hails back to the simpler days of notepads and pens – without the paper. Paperless Lists gives you the power to create and organize checklists into a single accessible location.

Bonus: For those who are visually motivated, the app boasts a robust icon library (over 450!) allowing users to further customize their todo lists.

MVP for: Quickly creating and organizing multiple todo lists.